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Things You Need to Know Before Boating Holiday

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Thailand has very simple access with its numerous flights. The largest airports in the most important charter place are located in Phuket and Krabi. You could even fly into smaller ones such as on Phi Island such as. Search more about bareboat charters by visiting

 Things You Need to Go Answered for Your Boating Holiday

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The incredibly crystal-clear waters and abundant submerged flora and fauna make that place a diver´s fantasy. Yacht charterers will soon be rewarded with absolutely magnificent scenery. In the boat, you find the best perspective of the normal stunning limestone cliffs jutting out from the ocean.

The most important charter area is from the Andaman Sea, in the region off the northeast shore of Thailand

You will find amazing big bays with beautiful long sandy shores. It´s a real diver´s heaven and contains rich fishing grounds and beautiful hilly islands covered.

Proceed to the Phi Islands 28 NM southeast of Puce. Among those two islands has functioned as a background for the successful movie “The Beach" due to its magnificent lagoons and cliffs. You will find fantastic anchorages, beautiful beach bars, lots of restaurants in addition to resorts and recently constructed hotels.

An excellent cruising ground is Tartan National Park using a top of 1,490 kilometers ² and 51 islands in the southwestern-most tip of Thailand in the border to Malaysia. It's most recommendable to go from November to April during the rainy season.

There you come across dramatic granite or limestone hills, rain and mangrove forests, amazing lookouts and waterfalls that are impressive.

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