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Some Simple Ways To Market Your Business Online

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Businesses are constantly looking for ways to expand their business, including online ones, and that means advertising. There are a lot of different places you can advertise, but not all of them provide really specific sources of traffic. As Dave Jones from leading Aberdeen marketing agency, Azzurro Blu explains, one of the more targeted ways to advertise is using ezines.

Ezines are basically online newsletters, used by companies to create a closer relationship with customers, by keeping them up to date with what’s going on. They’re rather effective in doing this, but quite a lot of the time their primary focus becomes getting paid to advertise, especially after they become more popular.

Selling your products through ezines can be very effective, because of the targeted traffic you can get from them. All you need to do is find an ezine that specifically targets the kind of people who would honestly be interested in your product. Once you have found a good possibility, you can place an ad. Prices vary depending on the amount of subscribers and placement of the advertisement, so you need to be willing to fork out a little money.

Of course, finding a specifically targeted ezine is no easy task. An internet search is a simple enough way to find them, but then you do need to do a little trial and error when trying to get the best results. Testing out a few different ezines is beneficial, so you can work out which ones are going to work for you and which ones are going to be a waste of your time and money. The more specific to your niche, the more sales you are potentially going to make.

It is worth the extra money to get an advertisement slot on an ezine with a lot of subscribers, or to get a position that is nearest the top or the most noticeable, as these are definitely going to get more attention, and therefore hopefully rake in more sales. Always try to avoid the cheaper, less noticeable spots. Despite the fact that these don’t cost as much money, they aren’t going to make you much money either.

Solo ads are also very good investments when using ezines to sell a product. Using solo advertising means to be the sole advertiser on the ezine, therefore taking more of the viewer’s attention. You can see how this is worthwhile.

You will also need to have an advertisement designed. You can outsource that to someone else for a price, usually quite a low one, or you could create it yourself. Either way, it is a good idea to be flexible with it, and be able to change it at a minute’s notice, maybe even keeping a few different versions spare, just so you can figure out which ones are having the most impact and getting the most sales.

Ezines are very useful to businesses, as they do help a lot in selling their products, thanks to the advertising they provide. You can get thousands of sales using these online newsletters, and there is nothing better than that.

Frank Breinling is a recognized expert in generating targeted traffic to websites. Find out fantastic ways of generating traffic with ezine marketing or visit his Blog for more targeted traffic articles.

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