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Everything You Need to Know About the Web Design and Accessibility

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Ensuring your site is accessible is not as difficult as you imagine. There are lots of measures which may be taken to create a site accessible.

Use schema markup to help navigation with specialized applications of the webpage and to browse through it. You can explore this source to find web accessibility consulting services.

Utilize valid code. Does genuine code make it easier for assistive technologies like screen readers to 'know' your webpages, but browsing and plugins technologies have a tendency to favor it as well?

Write significant ALT text. Label all pictures with ALT tags; with no ALT tags that a site may be virtually unusable for a blind visitor. Additionally, this applies to all multimedia such as sound, videos, applets, etc. where captioning and transcripts must be supplied.


Make text searchable. Partially-sighted people have the ability to resize text. Internet Explorer does not permit the resizing of text when font-size is put in pixels rather use relative length units like a percentage or use total dimensions or relative dimensions for a specific element inside your webpages.

Available navigation. Construct your site so the pages could be obtained using just a keyboard. Features like ACCESSKEY and TABINDEX can make your pages easier to browse. Make sure that the access keys you select do not struggle with keystroke combinations that have been booked by other programs. Jump links that skip content and go to primary navigation regions may also be helpful.

Use high contrast colors for text. For many people, this raises website readability. Additionally, consider that 10 percent of men are color blind so red/green or blue/yellow mixes could possibly cause difficulty.

Make sure links make sense out of context. Blind people often jump through the hyperlinks on a web page. 'Click the link to learn more on our most recent holiday offers' is much more helpful to a blind internet user than ‘Click here' or ‘Learn more'.

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