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Different Versions of Mixer Machines

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A vast array of cologne mixer machines can be found in the industry nowadays. Every one of these has its own distinct characteristics and specifications which have to be analyzed, particularly in the event that you choose to purchase one for yourself and to your company. To discover more details about perfume mixer machines you may check here

Different Versions of Mixer Machines

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To be able that will assist you to choose which is the right for you, below are a few of the versions and forms which are offered to the public with their own details.

XS Perfume Equipment – A Perfume Machine

This cologne mixer machine is ideal for generating premium excellent perfume. It's brought to us by Guangzhou Sina-Ekato Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. The XS Perfume Equipment includes a capacity of 100 – 1000 liters and can be regulated manually.

Perfume Mixer BXP

A Perfume Mixer BXP is a type of mixer machine which has a polypropylene micro porous membrane which has a potential of around 0.2 micrometers. This sort of mixer filters out impurities located in the components while they're being blended. It has a capacity of 100 – 1000 liters and has a push button control panel for both simple and easy functioning.

KP Perfume Making Machine

Produced from Jiangsu China this cologne mixer machine is called the KP Perfume Making Machine. The distinctive features include a condensing group that's composed of a measuring tank, diaphragm pump, cooling, kettle, and strainer. It's capable of handling 200, 300, or 500 liters in volume.

The KP Perfume Making Machine cooling pan is chilled with its own condensing group and its own temperature cooler has its own temperature control.

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