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Locating the Finest Grand Canyon South Rim Helicopter Tours

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Las Vegas is among the most popular tourist destinations on the planet, and because so many men and women visit there, that is where you will discover the largest choice of excursions around Grand Canyon helicopters. Because of this, you might not even realize concerning the amazing tours available at the South Rim of the canyon.

When you choose an air tour out of Arizona rather, you are able to take a half minute excursion, or one which provides you half an hour of flight time and requires you over 3/4 of the whole park. This is some more info on traveling the South Rim.

The Huge Wilderness

The Grand Canyon National Park is composed of roughly a thousand acres of rugged jungle land. The only way to enjoy its size is by simply flying it over on an aerial excursion.

When you choose one of those air tours from Arizona, your helicopter will lift off from a helipad beyond the gates into the South Rim. That means your whole flight period is dedicated to picturesque views of this park.

If you decide on the shorter tour which lasts 30 minutes, then you fly to the North Rim and rear. Even though the tour does not last long, you will see lots of amazing sights, like the Dragoon Corridor, that is famed because of its deepest and broadest aspect of the canyon.

If you would like to see more of this canyon, and take enough time and cash, then purchase the 50-minute tour rather. Along with touring the region between the North and South Rim, in addition, it covers the distant wilderness regions all of the way into the eastern border of the playground.

As soon as you’ve completed the longer excursion, you can say you have seen 3/4 of the total Grand Canyon National Park! That is an wonderful achievement!

Deluxe And Basic Tours

In addition you get to select if you would like a simple tour or the deluxe edition. The two kinds of excursions fly safe aircraft, however, the deluxe helicopters offer you a more comfortable ride and greater screening windows.

The fundamental tours utilize AStar choppers or even Bell Rangers, while the deluxe tours utilize the EcoStar 130, that was created for sightseeing.

The EcoStar includes a huge wraparound windshield for amazing panoramic views, and the chairs are arranged arena style, therefore there aren’t any obstacles wherever you sit, in addition to the cottages are quieter and comfy also.

Though deluxe tours cost a bit more, you’re probably going to think it’s well worth it to have a comfy ride and exceptional views of the landscape under you.

Onething to bear in mind while you’re planning your excursion is there aren’t any landing excursions available in the South Rim since it’s illegal for choppers to fly beneath the border there.

Getting To The Airfield

Though helicopters do not fly out of Vegas to the South Rim, you will find different means by which in which you may see the South Rim in case you’re going to be staying in Vegas.

As an example, you can reserve a tour package that includes an hour-long flight from Vegas to the South Rim, where you could then put on board a helicopter to the tour of the rim.